• New Haven, CT

    New Haven, CT is the second-largest city in Connecticut and is sometimes thought to be the first planned city in America. It is best known for being the home of the prestigious Yale University, as well as its wide variety of museums, art exhibitions, theatre productions, musical events, and other cultural attractions. When it comes to arts and entertainment, there’s no better place in Connecticut to visit than New Haven!

    As the “Cultural Capital of Connecticut,” New Haven plays host to a variety of production houses and theatre companies ranging from the Shubert Theatre to the Yale School of Drama; plenty of people in the New Haven area love their drama productions! With a variety of shows to choose from, sometimes it can be beneficial to expand one’s cultural horizons.

    If you live in New Haven and you’d like to switch things up and see something different, Seven Angels Theatre is a short trip away in Waterbury! We show a variety of professional theatre and musical productions; give our office a call today to reserve your theatre tickets!