• Upcoming Auditions

    EQUITY PRINCIPAL AUDITIONS for our upcoming production of TRAV’LIN- The 1930’s Harlem Musical will be held on Monday, March 27th, 2017 at Seven Angels Theatre from 10AM -6PM with a break for lunch from 2-3PM. No appointment necessary. Sign-in upon arrival. Non-Equity will be seen as time permits according to Equity rules. Those auditioning should be prepared to sing 32 bars of a song in the style of the show. Please provide sheet music for accompanist. Please bring head shot and resume stapled together to the audition.

    SEEKING: Three men and three women. All characters are African American and must move well or dance.

    [GEORGE] 50’s African American. Retired railroad porter, now church Deacon and unofficial mayor of the block, well-intentioned but still part trickster, considers love something you never take serious until he learns better. Sings primarily 30’s ballads. Very strong and powerful tenor/high baritone – high note G above middle C.

    [BILLIE] 50’s African-American. Sweetheart whom George left behind 40 years ago, now a survivor with a sharp tongue, a strong will, an open heart and a deep spirit, runs the gamut of emotions from blazing anger to vulnerable tenderness. Must be strong blues singer. Big-voiced blues singer – alto/low mezzo range, with a belt up to D.

    [ROS] 30’s African-American. Beauty shop owner, aspiring inventor, plays the role of Archie’s long-suffering woman but knows how to get what she wants, always emotional and can turn it on, must have strong comic skills. Sings high-intensity 30’s songs, almost the precursor to rock. Sassy high alto/mezzo, strong belt up to Eb.

    [ARCHIE] 40’s African-American. A ladies man. A traveling salesman who keeps girlfriends in every town on his sales beat. Has a special place in his heart for Ros. Must be charming, smooth, makes everything look cool in a funny kind of way. Sings 30’s up-tempo songs. MUST have STRONG comic chops. Smooth, character-type jazz voice – mostly high baritone range but needs a G above middle C.

    [NELSON] 20’s African-American. Aspiring traveling salesman for bibles and hymnals, hopeful but inexperienced suitor, has an engaging eagerness that is subject to deflation, especially by women. Sings peppy 30’s songs. Sweet-voiced ingenue tenor/high baritone – high note F# above middle C.

    [ELLA] 20’s African-American. George’s niece, staying with him for nursing school, innocent and trusting but feisty when she feels taken advantage of, has strong intuition but not yet sure of her place in the world. Sings romantic 30’s songs, capable of a torch song. Sweet jazz-pop voiced ingenue, with a strong belt/mix up to D, soprano up to F for ensemble.

    Story line: George, unofficial mayor of 132nd Street and a self-proclaimed expert on matters of the heart, believes love should never be taken seriously. He finally meets his match when he befriends a down-on-her-luck stranger who is not what she seems. A funny and heart-warming look at the romantic travails of three couples learning about love in 1930’s Harlem, this musical features a tuneful and jazzy period score by Harlem Renaissance songwriter J.C. Johnson, a colleague of artists such as Fats Waller, Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters and Billie Holiday. All Characters are African American and must move well or dance.

    Artistic Director: Semina DeLaurentis
    Director: Paul Stancato
    Musical Director: John DePinto

    Writer: Gary Holmes And Allan Shapiro
    Score: JC Johnson

    Rehearsal Begins: 04/25/2017
    Preview Date(s): 05/11/2017
    Opening Date(s): 05/13/2017
    Closing Date(s): 06/11/2017